Solutions that unite people with advanced technologies

We are a fast-growing, dynamic technology company in Brazil that specializes in software development solutions for application in areas such as Engineering, Surveying, Cartography, Notary (Property Registry) and Municipal Governments.

We also offer surveying equipments and accessories needed to support our surveying solutions.

Established in 1989, EVN Topographic Automation underwent restructuring in 2008, at which time it became Métrica. Our company is proud of the level of customer service we provide. We believe in listening to our clients' needs and then transforming their feedback into effective solutions driven by our products and services.

Surveying Solutions

Métrica TOPO

It is a professional topography software based on CAD (Computer-aided design) that uses the best and most advanced software engineering techniques available in today's market, making it possible to automate and simplify data processing, surveying project drawings and creations, and reports.



The software allows for the creation of DTM (Digital Terrain Model), slope maps, generation of contour lines, volume calculations, longitudinal profiles and cross sections, and data imports from the majority of total station data collectors and GPS devices. It also generates drawings and projects in .DWG native format, and reports and memorials in .DOC format.



Surveying Instruments and Accessories

In addition to softwares and systems, Métrica is also an exclusive partner of Horizon in Brazil, one of the leading brands offering land surveying instruments and accessories for distribution worldwide. Horizon has offices in Singapore, China, the United States, Europe, and the Middle East, as well as distribution partnerships based in other international locations.

Solutions for Notaries


Dimensor is a modern and efficient software with a user-friendly interface that allows for document analysis, organization, and process management of urban and rural properties. Using this software, you can analyze perimeter descriptions, deeds, registrations, reports, blueprints, maps (drawings), and other documents.



InterSIGEF is a software that facilitates the communication of data between the Real Estate Registry Office and SIGEF / INCRA (a Brazilian government system). Users can automatically rectify registrations by importing data directly from the website. Among the files generated are shape files and spreadsheets containing spatial and geographical information about the property in question.

Solutions for Municipal Governments

Métrica City

Métrica City is a powerful Geographic Information System (GIS) developed specifically for public administration in order to control and manage municipal property/real estate registrations. This sophisticated, high-performance system processes data and images in a fast, easy-to-use and modern GIS.


In order for our customers to get the most from Métrica's solutions, we offer specialized training for all of our products. This complete training can be conducted in person or online, in groups or individually. We customize our trainings to address the specific needs of each customer.

Technical Support

We understand that an efficient technical support system is the foundation of a successful business-client relationship. For this reason, we provide free support by phone, email, remote connection and YouTube video lessons available 24/7.

Warranty and Technical Assistance

Our equipments comes with full warranties and are guarenteed against any manufacturing defects for a period of 15 months after purchase. Métrica will provide any and all necessary technical support during this period.